Greg | June 2013


Greg has grown into a great youth leader at the MYC. He is respectful to both staff and his peers, and always willing to lend a helping hand. He was instrumental in writing our By Youth For Youth grant proposal, which we were awarded. Not only has Greg put in a lot of work towards our community garden plot, he also has volunteered with us at the food pantry.  


Get to know Greg:

Grade: 7
Quote: "No…”
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Favorite Food: Salisbury steak
Favorite Musician: I don’t really have one

Favorite Movie: Toy Story
Favorite TV Show: SportsCenter
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Class: Phy Ed
Favorite MYC Activity: Playing basketball
Why he likes MYC? It’s a fun place to be and I get to hang out with a bunch of my friends and do a lot of different things.

Megan | May 2013


Megan has started to establish herself as an MYC regular over the past weeks. She enjoys art studio projects, and always enjoys participating in Board/Card Game Club. She has a positive attitude while remaining respectful and helpful to other MYC members. We are looking forward to seeing her grow as a youth leader and student. 

Grant | April 2013


Grant is a long overdue winner of Youth of the Month. He is a consistent attendee who is a positive asset to the MYC. He is mature beyond his years, and is always helpful and respectful to the staff and his peers. Grant is a regular participant in Video Game League, Board and Card Game Club, and also loves to play pool.  

Get to know Grant:

Grade: 8
Quote: "I'm really not sure"
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Musician: Led Zepplin
Favorite Movie: Avatar
Favorite TV Show: South Park
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Class: Tech Ed
Favorite MYC Activity: Playing Magic
Why he likes MYC? Fun place, great kids, and I get to play games with friends

Duncan | March 2013


Duncan is an enthusiastic and active member of the MYC. He has participated in several service events, including Martin Luther King Jr Service Day. He is also an active member of the MYC Youth Council. Duncan always brings a positive energy to whatever he is doing, whether it's playing sports and video games or volunteering.

Get to know Duncan:

Grade: 6
Quote: "I don't have one"
Birthplace: Berkley, CA
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Musician: Don't have one
Favorite Movie: The Avengers
Favorite TV Show: NFL football
Favorite Color: Light blue
Favorite Class: Gym
Favorite MYC Activity: Playing Super Smash Bros.
Why he likes MYC? I can get away from my family for awhile and hang out with my friends

McKayla | February 2013


McKayla tends to fly a little under the radar, but she is a great asset to the MYC. She is always kind, positive, willing to help out around the Center, and never complains. She is also the co-founder and co-facilitator of the youth run Drama Club, which is a new program at the MYC. Congratulations, McKayla!

Get to know McKayla:
Grade: 7
Quote: "When life knocks you down, you  just have to get back up, and fight harder than you did before.”
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Favorite Food: Don’t have one
Favorite Musician: Kelly Clarkson
Favorite Movie: Wrath of the Titans
Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls
Favorite Color: Red, blue, black, white
Favorite Class: Language Arts
Favorite MYC Activity: Watching people play pool
Why she likes MYC? I like to be here so I don’t have to be with my brother 24/7. And so I can hang out with friends.

Trevon | January 2013


Trevon has impressed the staff recently with his positive attitude and willingness to help out around the Center. He is an active participant in Tournament Tuesdays and sports. Congrats, Trevon, and keep up the good work!

Get to know Trevon:
Grade: 6
Quote: "I have no idea"
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Musician: Frank Ocean
Favorite Movie: Mega Mind
Favorite TV Show: Science Channel
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Class: Social Studies
Favorite MYC Activity: Pool
Why he likes MYC? I get to hang out with my friends and play games.

Sierra | December 2012


Sierra has become a great youth leader at the MYC. She can usually be found organizing and helping people out in the Art Studio, and was a tour guide at our Christmas in the Village Open House. Her creativity and willingness to help the staff and her peers have earned her our last Youth of the Month for 2012. Congrats, Sierra!

Get to know Sierra:
Grade: 7
Quote: "N/A"
Birthplace: California
Favorite Food: Noodles or steak
Favorite Musician: Miku
Favorite Movie: Howell's Moving Castle or Spirited Away
Favorite TV Show: Dead Man Wonderland
Favorite Color: Blue or green
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite MYC Activity: Art Studio
Why she likes MYC? It's a great place to hang out and where else would I go?

Miguel | November 2012


Miguel is usually one of the first in the door and always has a big smile on his face. His enthusiasm and positivity are great assets to the Youth Center. Recently, he was a major helper in putting together our Fall newsletter (coming soon to your mailbox). Congratulations, Miguel!

Get to know Miguel:
Grade: 6
Quote: "N/A"
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Musician: 2 Chainz
Favorite Movie: Hotel Transylvania
Favorite TV Show: ?
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Class: ?
Favorite MYC Activity: Hide & Seek and video games
Why he likes MYC? I like to hang out with my friends.

Erin | October 2012


Erin has been a regular attendee at the MYC this school year. She's usually found doing homework in the study room, participating in Art Studio, or kicking around a soccer ball outside. Her positive attitude and participation makes her October's Youth of the Month. Congratulations, Erin!

Get to know Erin:
Grade: 6
Quote: "YOLO"
Birthplace: Richland Center, WI
Favorite Food: Girl Scout Cookies...preferably Thanks-Alots
Favorite Musician: The Band Perry
Favorite Movie: RV
Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite MYC Activity: Ping-Pong or Hide and Seek
Why she likes MYC? Because my friends come here and it's fun. It's better than staying home without all of your friends!

Cody | September 2012


Cody was brimming with excitement ever since the first fifth grade day. He came to the MYC on the first day he was able to and participates in as many programs as he can from Fresh Food Friday to Volunteering at the food pantry and everything in between. Congrats Cody and we’re looking forward to seeing you around for the next few years!

Get to know Cody:
Grade: 6
Quote:  "???"
Birthplace:  Dunn, WI
Favorite Food:  Spaghetti
Favorite Musician:  Little Wayne
Favorite Movie:  Lifted
Favorite TV Show:  Saved By The Bell
Favorite Color:  BLACK
Favorite Class:  Math
Favorite MYC Activity:  Pool
Why he likes MYC?  Because it’s a good place to hang out with friends and it’s fun!

Claire | August 2012


Claire brings an awesome amount of energy to the youth center whenever she spends time here. She’s a major participant in the weekly Art Studios. Claire is supportive of her peers whether celebrating an accomplishment or providing comfort. Congratulations Claire!

Get to know Claire:
Grade: 7
Quote:  "Just, do it?"
Birthplace:  McFarland, WI
Favorite Food:  Mac & Cheese
Favorite Musician/Group:  One Direction
Favorite Movie:  The Blind Side
Favorite TV Show:  Toddlers in Tiaras
Favorite Color:  BLACK & RED
Favorite Class:  Science
Favorite MYC Activity:  Art Studio
Why she likes MYC?  It’s a good place to hang out when you are bored and you get to see your friends!

Jakob | July 2012


Jakob is a great addition to the MYC community, and has continued to grow in his ability to be a positive influence at the MYC. Jakob has a great sense of humor, and always knows how to have a good time at the MYC. Congrats Jakob!

Get to know Jakob:
Grade: 7
Quote:  "IDK"
Birthplace:  Mauston, WI
Favorite Food:  Mac & Cheese
Favorite Musician/Group:  IDK
Favorite Movie:  Anything with Johnny Depp
Favorite TV Show:  Spongebob
Favorite Color:  PURPLE
Favorite Class:  Gym
Favorite MYC Activity:  Football
Why he likes MYC?  It's fun!