Art Studio​

The McFarland Youth Center provides opportunities for students to explore their expressive and creative sides with the visual arts. Projects have ranged from painting with watercolors, to different varieties of clay sculpture, and even a day experimenting with henna. The MYC values the effort and works to maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere where students can create whatever they are able to imagine with the different mediums.
Tournament Day
Tournaments are one of the most popular MYC activities. Different tabletop, athletic, or card games are featured each week from Football to Ping-Pong. While participants really dig in for a little healthy competition, good sportsmanship and enjoying the activity remain the central focus.​
Workout Wednesday
Workout Wednesdays are a new addition to the regular programming during the week. This short exercise program is a great way for students to warm up for a practice. The program includes a light warm-up followed by stretching, and bit of strength and core training. Sessions end with a brief cool down and a light snack to restore some of the energy participants expend.
Try-Something-New Thursday​
Try-Something-New Thursdays is another new program at the MYC. The idea is to offer a wide variety of new opportunities to students ready and willing to broaden their horizons. Some participants have learned new card games, tried their hands at juggling, and even given rock climbing a try. As the year gets under way students will have the opportunity to suggest new and exciting activities for future Thursdays.
Fresh Food Friday​
Fresh Food Fridays are a tried and true staple on the MYC programming calendar. Recent culinary projects have really raised the bar for what will be cooked in the kitchen. Participants have made a stir-fry and honey garlic sauce with fresh produce from the McFarland Farmer’s Market, a two-layer meat-lover’s lasagna, and a three cheese baked macaroni and cheese. Fridays are definitely fun and filling days to swing by the MYC.

Community Service
The MYC is committed to offering its youth opportunities to help out and give back to the community. The MYC regularly volunteers at the McFarland Food Pantry and McFarland House Cafe, as well as other local and nearby organizations.​