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Points & Prizes FAQ

How do I earn points?

It's simple! You can earn points by participating in MYC virtual and at-home activities. Take a look at the "MYC VIRTUAL" page to see daily opportunities to interact with other youth and staff members. Don't forget to also check out the "Weekly Activities Challenges" under the "MYC VIRTUAL" tab for extra opportunities to earn points that will change weekly!

Where can I see how many points I have?

You can see how many points you have by checking out the "Virtual Points Leaderboard" page under the "MYC VIRTUAL" tab. The leaderboard will be updated weekly so check back to see who's in first place!

How do I claim points/prizes?

You can claim points in a variety of different ways. If it is a virtual group meeting, your attendance will be marked during the meeting. If it is an at-home activity, you can find details on how to claim the points in the activity's description. Most activities will require you to email a picture or have a parent send an email verifying that you have completed the activity. These emails can be sent to: 


Details on how to claim prizes will be coming soon!

What prizes can I earn?

Check out the "Prizes" page under the "MYC VIRTUAL" tab to see all the delicious and exciting prizes that you can earn! Prizes and the amounts of points that they cost will be posted soon!

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