McFarland Youth Center Virtual Programming

Descriptions and sign up information: Middle School


Mondays: Virtual Girls Group: 4:30 to 5:30

Virtual girls group is being led by our adult Girl Scout hosts Mag and Allison. 

Mag and Allison will join a MYC team member each Monday from 4:30 to 6:30 to bring our normal Monday night girl scout activities 

to our virtual setting! We will be playing games and participating in activities together. Youth who sign up for this group will receive a art supply package from our Girls Scout Partnership. Youth must have a virtual permission slip (above) on file to participate. 

Each attende meeting earns you 10 MYC points to use for fun prizes on our prize page. (Prize page coming soon) 

Wednesdays: Group Jack Box Games: 4:30 - 5:30

On Wednesdays the youth center will be offering group Jackbox games! 

There is no need to own a copy of Jack box games to play.

Once youth are logged into our ZOOM meeting the game will be streamed from our end

Youth can use their phones, an ipad or a computer to log into the system

From there we will play many different types of Jackbox games over the next few meetings.

Each attended Jackbox game meeting earns you 10 MYC points to use for fun prizes on our prize page. (Prize page coming soon)   


TECHNOLOGY NEEDED: Two of the following: Ipad, phone, or computer. 

The reason two devices for this is because one device must join the ZOOM meeting and the other must enter the game answers into the game.

Thursdays: Middle School Science & Art Activity Group: 5:00 - 6:00

Youth who join this group will receive 6 weeks of activity items via no - contact pickup or drop off. 

Items include, canvases, DIY piggy bank, DIY nesting dolls, SLIME ingredients, Stress ball ingredients, owl pellet kit, Triops kit and more! Youth who sign up for this program are expected to use items received during our weekly virtual group.


TECHNOLOGY NEEDED: One of the following: Ipad, computer or cell phone.  




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